[Changelog] doPDF 11

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[Changelog] doPDF 11

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Below is the changelog for the public builds of doPDF 11. This version was first released in April 2021 and it is still being enhanced. It is SUPPORTED on the following operating systems: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista (32/64-bits); Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008R2.

You can download the latest version of doPDF from: https://www.dopdf.com/download.html

Changes in doPDF 11.9.465 (26-June-2024)
  • Fixed: Print scaling problem when saving PDF from Excel after Windows update
Changes in doPDF 11.9.456 (14-May-2024)
  • Updated: More changes to the Polish language
  • Fixed: Select profile dialog for new user
  • Fixed: Auto-merge corrections
Changes in doPDF 11.9.451 (26-March-2024)
  • Updated: Polish language for the user interface
  • Fixed: Some escape commands blocked printer queue
Changes in doPDF 11.9.444 (21-February-2024)
  • Fixed: Compatibility with latest Windows 11 Insider Preview build 26058
Changes in doPDF 11.9.438 (09-February-2024)
  • Fixed: Add-in for Word 2013 crashed when trying to set previous default printer back
  • Fixed: Corrections to the add-in for Office logs
Changes in doPDF 11.9.437 (18-December-2023)
  • Updated: Footnotes and Endnotes back links are now converted by the addin for Word
  • Fixed: Conversion detection fixes for the add-ins for Offce
Changes in doPDF 11.9.436 (16-November-2023)
  • Fixed: Indonesian translation was incomplete
  • Fixed: Licensed versions reverted to trial in rare occasions (doPDF Premium)
Changes in doPDF 11.9.432 (19-October-2023)
  • Updated: UI changes for the Printer Manager
  • Fixed: Office Addin was not loaded in certain situations
Changes in doPDF 11.9.423 (11-September-2023)
  • Fixed: Corrections for printing some PDF files
Changes in doPDF 11.8.417 (24-July-2023)
  • Added: New macro for My Documents folder that shows everywhere when macros are used for folder paths
  • Fixed: Correction for activation when server connection fails via https
  • Fixed: Error on client in some situations when the Tools msi was not installed on server
Changes in doPDF 11.8.404 (16-May-2023)
  • Updated: Improved conversion for transparent patterns
  • Fixed: Object streams correction
  • Fixed: Paper forms management correction
Changes in doPDF 11.8.398 (20-April-2023)
  • Updated: Reduced size of setup files
  • Fixed: Changes for the Microsoft Store app

Changes in doPDF 11.8.384 (24-March-2023)
  • Added: Macro for server computer name
  • Updated: Document printing management improved (reduced print queue timeouts)
  • Fixed: Windows driver restrictions check for setup
  • Fixed: Cancel jobs re-added by spooler after service restart

Changes in doPDF 11.7.374 (7-March-2023)
  • Fixed: More UI language translation improvements
  • Fixed: Conversion of large Excel documents
  • Fixed: Tray app text inconsistencies

Changes in doPDF 11.7.371 (9-February-2023)
  • Fixed: Several inconsistencies in UI translations
  • Fixed: Conversion improvements from LibreOffice

Changes in doPDF 11.7.367 (7-December-2022)
  • Fixed: Read license errors on some systems
  • Fixed: Check for updates issue on some restricted systems

Changes in doPDF 11.7.357 (17-November-2022)
  • Fixed: Conversion error when converting particular PDF documents
  • Fixed: Older versions did show occasional licensing error message

Changes in doPDF 11.7.352 (18-October-2022)
  • Fixed: Licenses can be unblocked during a limited period of time (Premium)
  • Fixed: Activation button was not functional for blocked licenses (Premium)
  • Fixed: UI changes for license management window (Premium)

Changes in doPDF 11.6.345 (15-July-2022)
  • Updated: Check for updates window UI adjustments for multiple languages
  • Updated: Romanian translation

Changes in doPDF 11.5.334 (14-June-2022)
  • Updated: Application windows are loading faster now
  • Updated: Spanish translation for the user interface
  • Updated: Restart app message after changing language
  • Updated: Getting started feature tab was redesigned

Changes in doPDF 11.5.333 (9-June-2022)
  • Added: Premium edition - view more on https://www.dopdf.com/compare.html
  • Added: Option to permanently activate a Premium license
  • Updated: Improved activation process for slow networks (Premium edition)
  • Updated: UI for the activation process (Premium edition)
  • Fixed: Always try to download the corresponding MSI files when using the web installer

Changes in doPDF 11.4.323 (30-May-2022)
  • Fixed: Command prompt windows were displayed during installation
  • Fixed: Addin for Office did not work with version 7 printers

Changes in doPDF 11.4.287 (11-April-2022)
  • Added: Turkish translation for the user interface
  • Added: Use Save dialog when the Browse button is pressed
  • Updated: Detect restrictions for PrintNightmare and show warning message
  • Fixed: Issues when printing a file created by Foxit PhantomPDF with non-Unicode fonts

Changes in doPDF 11.3.248 (14-December-2021)
  • Updated: Polish translations for the user interface
  • Fixed: Tray app translations in multiple languages
  • Fixed: Restart tray app after changing the language

Changes in doPDF 11.3.239 (25-November-2021)
  • Added: Indonesian language
  • Updated: Conversion improvements for specific image types
  • Updated: Improved error logging

Changes in doPDF 11.3.236 (19-November-2021)
  • Updated: Slovak language
  • Fixed: Outlook addin error when logging in as a different user
  • Fixed: Getting Started window display issue after install

Changes in doPDF 11.3.225 (13-October-2021)
  • Added: Fully compatible with Windows 11
  • Fixed: Error message when trying to overwrite an open PDF
  • Fixed: Empty Check for updates window when offline

Changes in doPDF 11.2.187 (10-September-2021)
  • Updated: UI and language update
  • Fixed: Error when printing to a paused printer
  • Fixed: Error message when trying to overwrite an open PDF

Changes in doPDF 11.1.181 (30-July-2021)
  • Updated: Several languages
  • Fixed: All users registry entry for update frequency option
  • Fixed: UI changes

Changes in doPDF 11.0.170 (23-June-2021)
  • Added: Progress window when printing via the Outlook addin
  • Updated: Danish language
  • Updated: Portuguese language
  • Updated: Spanish language
  • Updated: Finnish language
  • Updated: Activation process
  • Fixed: Window position was losing focus relative to taskbar position
  • Fixed: Corrections for some macros

Changes in doPDF 11.0.126 (13-April-2021)
  • Fixed: Issue when creating PDFs via the add-in for Microsoft Outlook

Changes in doPDF 11.0.125 (07-April-2021)
  • Added: PDF add-in for Microsoft Outlook
  • Added: Quick Access Tray application
  • Added: Detect and convert telephone links

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