[Changelog] doPDF 10

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[Changelog] doPDF 10

Postby Softland » Mon Feb 11, 2019 12:51 pm

Below is the changelog for version 10 of doPDF.

Changes in doPDF 10.2.114 (02-July-2019)
  • New: Collect headings from outline levels to use as Bookmarks
  • Update: Korean, Portuguese-Brazilian and Russian translations
  • Update: Corrections for the German translation
  • Update: Option to show News page again after it was hidden
  • Fix: Error when using special characters in user name
  • Fix: Using special characters in document info

Changes in doPDF 10.1.112 (09-May-2019)
  • Fix: Modifying bookmark styles in the Office addin was not always saved
  • Fix: Show Installation ID field in the interface
  • Fix: Client crash on Windows 7 32-bit when printing via Outlook
  • Fix: Crash when converting documents with links in comments via the Office addin

Changes in doPDF 10.1.111 (11-April-2019)
  • New: Interface is now translated into Korean
  • Update: Russian translation of the user interface
  • Fix: Problem with gradient fill when converting Word documents

Changes in doPDF 10.0.108 (01-April-2019)
  • New: Port scanning compatible with the latest Windows update
  • Update: Bulgarian interface translation
  • Update: Spanish interface translation

Changes in doPDF 10.0.107 (05-March-2019)
  • Update: Turkish translation for the user interface
  • Fix: Logs from installer with custom actions

Changes in doPDF 10.0.105 (28-February-2019)
  • Update: German translation for the user interface
  • Update: Danish translation for the user interface
  • Update: Simplified Chinese translation for the user interface

Changes in doPDF 10.0.103 (14-February-2019)
  • New: The add-ins for Microsoft Office were re-designed & re-structured
  • New: Added shortcuts to add-in options in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Visio

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