[Changelog] doPDF 9

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[Changelog] doPDF 9

Postby Claudiu (Softland) » Wed Nov 01, 2017 12:57 pm

We have released a new major version of doPDF, 9.0, which contains an important feature that allows you to add document information to be included in the resulting PDF, plus other updates. Below is the changelog for version 9.

Changes in novaPDF 9.6.247 (11-April-2019)
  • Fix: Corrected OfficeAddin crash with links in comments

Changes in novaPDF 9.6.246 (01-April-2019)
  • New: Port scanning compatible with the latest Windows update

Changes in doPDF 9.6.245 (13-December-2018)
  • Fix: Added Firewall exception for Log service
  • Fix: Updated names for Firewall rules
  • Fix: Office Addin crash when converting long bookmarks
  • Fix: Multiline links correction for the Office Addin
  • Fix: Changes to doPDF save dialog

Changes in doPDF 9.6.244 (06-November-2018)
  • Update: Updated several interface translations

Changes in doPDF 9.5.243 (16-October-2018)
  • Fix: Open page after merging PDFs ignored Start Page option
  • Fix: Printing from .Net 2.0 applications returned errors

Changes in doPDF 9.5.242 (08-October-2018)
  • New: News tab added in the Getting Started application (with option to hide)
  • Fix: Hyperlink conversion via the Add-in for Word was not taking into account line spacing

Changes in doPDF 9.4.241 (19-July-2018)
  • New: Added Romanian translation
  • Fix: Printing service restarts automatically if stopped
  • Fix: Hidden public profiles (per printer) were still visible
  • Fix: Corrected problem with rotated pages in overlay PDF

Changes in doPDF 9.3.240 (11-June-2018)
  • New: Interface is now translated into Spanish
  • Fix: Multiple GDPR compliance changes
  • Fix: Installation error logs are sent only when the user chooses to do so
  • Fix: Correction for client elevation rights when printing from IE

Changes in doPDF 9.3.239 (16-May-2018)
  • New: Interface is now translated into Bulgarian
  • Fix: Getting Started display corrections in other languages
  • Fix: Check boxes displayed during setup are now more visible on Windows with no theme

Changes in doPDF 9.3.237 (03-May-2018)
  • New: Interface is now translated into Polish
  • New: Interface is now translated into Russian
  • New: Interface is now translated into Burmese
  • Fix: Preferences dialog error
  • Fix: Simultaneous prints returned error 4351

Changes in doPDF 9.2.235 (19-April-2018)
  • New: Interface is now translated into German

Changes in doPDF 9.2.234 (29-March-2018)
  • New: Interface is now translated into Chinese
  • Fix: My Documents is set as default when browsing for folder

Changes in doPDF 9.2.233 (21-March-2018)
  • New: Added Danish language
  • New: Interface translated into Turkish
  • New: Added Portuguese (Brazilian) language
  • New: Printing speed optimization
  • Fix: Getting Started tool correction

Changes in doPDF 9.1.232 (08-February-2018)
  • New: Option to send telemetry data
  • Fix: Error when saving the PDF using a network path with limited rights
  • Fix: Document pages reversed when merging via OpenOffice

Changes in doPDF 9.0.226 (15-January-2018)
  • Fix:Minor update to the Check for Updates section
  • Fix: Minor interface changes
  • Fix: Corrected an error during MSI installation

Changes in doPDF 9.0.223 (03-January-2018)
  • Fix: Minor changes to Check for Updates
  • Fix: Installation folder correctly set in all cases now
  • Fix: File name is now correctly suggested during save

Changes in doPDF 9.0.221 (14-December-2017)
  • Fix: Error updating printer port during upgrade
  • Fix: Version display error when upgrading

Changes in doPDF 9.0.220 (07-December-2017)
  • Fix: Installer fixes
  • Fix: Added translations for check for update section
  • Fix: Check for updates layout fixes

Changes in doPDF 9.0.219 (23-November-2017)
  • Fix: Corrections for converting to PDF from the add-in for Microsoft Excel
  • Fix: Removed repair and change buttons for msi installer
  • Fix: Settings dialog change for the add-in for Microsoft Office

Changes in doPDF 9.0.218 (08-November-2017)
  • New: Option to set/edit Document Information for PDFs
  • Update: Add-ins for Microsoft Office now work with multiple printers (including previous versions)
  • Update: Design changes for Getting Started and save window

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