[Changelog] doPDF 7

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[Changelog] doPDF 7

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Below is the changelog for the public builds of doPDF 7.0 - doPDF 7.7. This version was first released in November 2009 and development ended in June 2014. It is currently NOT SUPPORTED, support ended in April 2019.

If you are looking for the latest version of doPDF, you can download it here: http://www.dopdf.com/download.html

doPDF version 7.7 build 400
  • Fix: watermarks error on x64 systems
doPDF version 7.7 build 399
  • Fix: fixed some printer rendering bugs
  • Fix: fixed a problem regarding adding of some fonts multiple times
  • Fix: fixed an error in Excel Addin
doPDF version 7.7 build 398
  • Fix: corrected install on Windows XP Embedded
  • Fix: corrected GUI crash on Windows XP
  • Fix: office addin fix for Windows x64
  • Fix: corrected force embed all font files
  • Fix: corrected PDF creation date
  • Fix: corrected PDF append errors
doPDF version 7.7 build 394
  • New: added doPDF version information in Programs list
  • Fix: do not subset Type1 fonts
  • Fix: corrected About for Windows 8
doPDF version 7.7 build 393
  • Fix: correct usage of * char in macros
doPDF version 7.7 build 392
  • New: added command line param to not install Office Addin
  • New: added possibility to use apostrophe char in command line
doPDF version 7.7 build 391
  • Fix: images correction
  • Fix: fix client hang
doPDF version 7.7 build 389
  • Fix: correction for PDF/A
doPDF version 7.7 build 388
  • Fix: corrected GetFirstForm crash
  • Fix: correction for symbolic fonts
  • Fix: corrections for Excel and Word addins
doPDF version 7.6 build 387
  • Fix: Windows 8 32 bits
doPDF version 7.6 build 386
  • Fix: corrected memory leaks;
doPDF version 7.6 build 383
  • Fix: image optimization corrections
doPDF version 7.6 build 382
  • Fix: fix for /InstallonlyNewerVer setup parameter
  • Fix: fix crash when printing from Internet Explorer
doPDF version 7.6 build 381
  • Fix: Fonts corrections
  • Fix: Image optimization correction
  • Fix: hide silent installer taskbar icon for SDK silent installer
doPDF version 7.6 build 379 doPDF 7.3
  • New: Multiple copies in print job
  • New: Setup configuration file
  • New: setup: added option to open website after successful installation
  • Fix: Publisher Addin: do not cancel process when user does not have rights to set printer page size
  • Fix: corrected language selection depending on regional settings
  • Fix: fonts optiomization correction
  • Fix: hide silent installer taskbar icon
doPDF version 7.5 build 378
  • Fix: corrected crash when adding printer connection on client computers
  • Fix: corrected overlay with rotated pages
  • Fix: corrections for Type1 fonts with custom embedding
  • Fix: added #PROGRAMFILES# setup parameter
  • Fix: show simple Save As dialog on top of other windows
doPDF version 7.5 build 377
  • Fix: correction for Chinese fonts
  • Fix: correction for text italic angle
  • Fix: changed About texts
doPDF version 7.5 build 376
  • Fix: fixed rotated text in CAD drawings
  • Fix: fixed spooler crash when printing from IE9
doPDF version 7.5 build 375
  • Fix: fixed HidePages feature
  • Fix: fixed overlay error
  • Fix: fixed memory leaks
doPDF version 7.5 build 374
  • Fix: fixed grayscale
  • Fix: corrected /InstallOnlyNewwerdoPDF version when used with /DoNotAddPrinter
doPDF version 7.5 build 373
  • Fix: Publisher Addin
  • Fix: Visio Addin
  • Fix: corrected bookmarks for Word Addin
  • Fix: corrected Word Addin when used from Outlook 2003
doPDF version 7.4 build 372
  • Fix: correction for overlay images
  • Fix: correction for long file name
  • Fix: added corrections for PDF/A
  • Fix: corrections for Visio background
  • Fix: corrected delete watermark message
  • Fix: corrected append from Office Addin
  • Fix: corrected /NoInstallIfExists and /NoInstallIfdoPDF version options for doPDF
  • Fix: corrected Terminal Services message for Desktop editions
doPDF version 7.4 build 370
  • Fix: corrected skew text
doPDF version 7.4 build 369
  • Fix: fixed crash on server when printing from Internet Explorer 9
  • Fix: corrected images from PageMaker
doPDF version 7.4 build 368
  • Fix: corrected downsampling error for 8bpp images
doPDF version 7.4 build 367
  • Fix: corrected install on XP 32 bit when the x64 folder does not exist
doPDF version 7.4 build 366
  • Fix: corrected append to PDF on client computers
doPDF version 7.4 build 365
  • Fix: fixed some print spooler hangs on client restart, inistall/uninstall
doPDF version 7.4 build 364
  • Fix: added some custom page sizes for autocad for testing purpose, removed in next build
doPDF version 7.4 build 363
  • Fix: corrected Windows 2000 installation
  • Fix: added option cancel print job
  • Fix: correction for Greek characters
  • Fix: correction rendering patterns
doPDF version 7.4 build 361
  • Fix: corrected Word Addin and file names with Greek chars
doPDF version 7.4 build 359
  • Fix: further correction for highlight pen
  • Fix: further correction convert to monochrome
doPDF version 7.4 build 358
  • Fix: fix highlight pen
  • Fix: optimize convert to monochrome
doPDF version 7.4 build 357
  • Fix: Word AddIn corrections
doPDF version 7.3 build 356
  • Fix: correction Word AddIn
doPDF version 7.3 build 355
  • Fix: corrected Type1 font subsetting
doPDF version 7.3 build 354
  • Fix: added doPDF version info to startup application
doPDF version 7.3 build 353
  • Fix: Added PowerPoint AddIn
doPDF version 7.2 build 352
  • Fix: Embed fonts lists correction
doPDF version 7.2 build 351
  • Fix: corrected a client crash
  • Fix: corrected embed Type1 fonts
  • Fix: corrected vertical fonts
  • Fix: added set general options methods in SDK
doPDF version 7.2 build 349
  • Fix: Added back port monitor due to access problems for local ports
doPDF version 7.2 build 348
  • Fix: corrected Print Spooler hang on client computer restart
doPDF version 7.2 build 347
  • Fix: removed port monitor and use a local port instead
  • Fix: corrected some symbol characters
doPDF version 7.2 build 346
  • Fix: corrected usage of private profiles on client computers
  • Fix: corrected missing characters when printing from Publisher
  • Fix: corrected Word Addin for Office 2010 when using brackets in document name
  • Fix: optimize PDF size when overlaying with an jpeg image PDF file
  • Fix: corrected romanian strings
doPDF version 7.2 build 345
  • Fix: corrected A0, A1,... paper sizes on Vista and Windows 7
  • Fix: corrected newlines in email body
  • Fix: corrections for Excel images
  • Fix: corrected installer crash when importing profiles
  • Fix: corrected save on network folders with a different user/password
doPDF version 7.2 build 344
  • New: Added macros for folder name in Save settings
  • Fix: Fixed images from Excel 2010
doPDF version 7.1 build 343
  • Fix: delete temporary files when append for desktop editions
  • Fix: prompt save dialog when file exists correction
  • Fix: corrections for Romanian translations
doPDF version 7.1 build 342
  • Fix: when cancel Select profile dialog, cancel print job
  • Fix: fixed append to a PDF with bookmarks
  • Fix: fixed OpenType fonts embedding
doPDF version 7.1 build 341
  • Fix: change default high colour compression to jpeg
  • Fix: Excel addin do not cancel processing when errors
  • Fix: Email dll is not loaded on Windows 2000
doPDF version 7.1 build 340
  • Fix: optimize pdf size when append
  • Fix: do not hang when print Word docs with embedded files
  • Fix: install even if EnumPorts fails
  • Fix: setup translations correction
doPDF version 7.1 build 337
  • Fix: office addin default docked
  • Fix: change language corrections
  • Fix: optimize pdf size when append
doPDF version 7.1 build 336
  • Fix: corrections in Word Adddin
  • New: add language Hebrew
  • Fix: file size optimizations
doPDF version 7.1 build 335
  • Fix: correct usage of Default profile on clients when private profiles are not allowed
  • Fix: corrected selection on edit fields on Paper page
doPDF version 7.1 build 333
  • Fix: update printer help for new 7.1 development
doPDF version 7.1 build 332
  • New: Added Page Scaling options
  • New: Added Lithuanian language
  • New: changed default compression for high color images to zip
  • Fix: fixed platform string on About page
  • Fix: rendering corrections
  • Fix: fixed page orientation from Excel, Word, TextMaker and others on x64
  • Fix: corrected PDF/A namespace
  • Fix: fixed create new predefined form
doPDF version 7.0 build 330
  • Fix: correct font left clipping
  • Fix: use local time instead of system time for creation date and time
doPDF version 7.0 build 329
  • Fix: corrected Danish language
  • Fix: update Korean language
  • Fix: if a printer exist with the same name and other driver, just delete the printer before install
doPDF version 7.0 build 327
  • Fix: check officeaddin in memory at installation time
  • Fix: fixed a problem with some page orientation in Word documents
  • Fix: added languages: Malay and Thai
doPDF version 7.0 build 326
  • Fix: show Save dialogs on top of other windows on Windows7 x64
  • Fix: fixed possible crash on Win7 x64 computers
doPDF version 7.0 build 325
  • Fix: corrected duplicated fonts problem
  • Fix: fixed a problem when print images from Adobe Viewer
  • Fix: fixed registry handle leak
doPDF version 7.0 build 324
  • Fix: fixed memory leaks for email
doPDF version 7.0 build 323
  • Fix: fixed bug in Word Addin in file name and some links positioning
  • Fix: fixed problem append from FireFox when logged in with standard user
doPDF version 7.0 build 321
  • Fix: office addin excel corrections
  • Fix: fixes for printing on some BitBlt raster operations
  • Fix: fixed Unicode problem for symbol fonts
doPDF version 7.0 build 320
  • Fix: fixed TrueType fonts from Collections
Changes in doPDF 7.0 (30-November-2012)
  • New: Until now doPDF converted TrueType and OpenType fonts, but starting with version 7 doPDF supports Type1 fonts too
  • New: The "Embed fonts" option now only embeds the font subsets (reduces pdf file size)
  • New: We've added a "Getting Started" splash page that can be accessed from Start-Programs-doPDF (lots of people asked where is the exe file). Still the recommended way for creating PDF files is to print to doPDF
  • New: Added a new option to keep "Save PDF" window on top of others when printing (sometimes it got behind them and was difficult to save the PDF)
  • Update: Minor GUI changes (Languages tab is now part of About, section adjustments)
  • Update: doPDF 7 is fully compatible with Windows 7
You can read the changelog for different versions of doPDF here:
doPDF 10.x (current version)
doPDF 9.x (previous version)
doPDF 8.x (older version)

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