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I'm trying to get any kind of PDF creator working on my boss' computer but none seem to work. I don't think there's any kind of problem with the programs I've tried, but any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
His system is Vista Home Premium 64-bit and he's trying to use MS Word '07 to make a PDF. The program installs without any error messages and the doPDF printer shows up in the list. However, when I select the doPDF printer and click the Print button, nothing happens. The print Queue icon shows up in the system tray and shows '0 documents pending'. This happens with all PDF creating programs we've tried so far.
Please help.

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It would seem the problem is that the print spooler service is malfunctioning. The first step would be to restart it (though if you restarted your computer and the problem still happens then there's not much it could help to restart it). You can restart the print spooler service by:

Go to Start - Control Panel - System and Maintenance - Administrative Tools.
Double-click Services find and right-click the Print Spooler service, and click Properties.
Go to General and make sure that Automatic is selected. Under Service status, click Stop and after that Start and click OK

If that doesn't work either, it means that one of the printer driver you installed is corrupted and it crashed print spooler. In this case you'll have to remove all of the printers not working (probably all of them aren't) and also is recommended that you use a tool such as cleanspl.exe from here ... 8c4790cffd (it works on Vista too even if it says Windows 2003 only). I'm afraid you'll have to follow the instructions from the Microsoft page to see how this works, but ideally it will clean up all the printer driver information and you can reinstall after that only the ones that you need.

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