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Hi All,
I am sorry if i am posting this question in wrong page.
Is there a way to find out source file format or extension(the file from which it was converted) like microsoft word, excel or image file etc from which it was converted to pdf file at the first place.
for example if somebody converts a ms word file to pdf and send it to me. How can i know that the pdf file was converted from ms word.

Is there any way to find it?
Thanks in advance

Claudiu (Softland)
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There is the possibility to see the source document and the application that opened it before conversion.
However this may not work for all the applications.
We tested this by converting a text file and a MS Word file to PDF with the doPDF application and when we accessed the File -> Properties of the created PDF, the name of the application and the format of the file was shown in the Application field.
You can test this with other applications to see if you can get the same result.
Thank you.

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