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Hi. Thanks to the developer for this excellent software.

I am facing a small nag while using dopdf. On saving a single long webpage that also has several images, dopdf output breaks the webpage into several pdf pages, rather than one single continuous page. That would still be ok, but the images too get split across the pdf pages, in case the pdf page breaks there, rendering the output bad.
Is there any way to obtain output as a single pdf page, or at least to prevent images from breaking across pages.
(My dopdf version: 6.1.270)

Claudiu (Softland)
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Hi, dopdf will split the pages exactly as the browser you're printing from sends the information to it. However, what you could do is set a custom page size in doPDF's preferences when printing (hit Print in the browser and after you select doPDF go to its Properties and on the Page tab there's a Customize selection you could make) so that the height is large enough not to have the PDF split (you would let for instance the default width which is 8.5 inches, but for height you could do 20-25 inches depending on how much content the webpage has).

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