How to change the default resolution (300 dpi)

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Hi. Is it possible to change the default resoltuion that doPDF uses (300 dpi)? I know the option of doing it through the printer properties is there, but its a bother doing it every time. I find the pdfs with 72 or 96 dpi good enough to read comfortably, and the lower resolution makes a huge difference in file size.
I have tried editing the registry too.. Going inside "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Softland\doPDF\Printers\doPDF v6\Profiles\Default Profile" and edited the 'Page Resolution' string to 72. But it does not stick.. meaning it reverts to 300 again on its own. even when editing the registry using admin account.
It would be great if this is possible.

Claudiu (Softland)
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Sorry, that won't be possible to have it "fixed" from dopdf, because dopdf gets the settings from the application you print from. So you should try to set this resolution in the application you're printing from (if it's word, you can lower the resolution for the images to 72dpi).

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