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As a suggestion for future releases, you should try and improve the image compression algorithms. I did a simple test. I opened Google's main page on Internet Explorer and printed it on dopdf, pdf995 and pdffactory. The results were:
pdffactory: 24KB

pdf995: 30KB

dopdf: 489KB
All at 300dpi, which I couldn't change in dopdf, but this bug has already been reported on other messages in this forum.

Claudiu (Softland)
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Post by Claudiu (Softland) »

Make sure you uncheck the option "Embed fonts" when printing. I printed with dopdf's main page and it resulted a bit over 80kb, the same test with fonts embedded being at over 1Mb.
The 300dpi option is ignored by Internet Explorer, if you do the test of setting a 72dpi option in word or notepad you'll see is kept. IE ignores it because it already sends the images in lower resolution.

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