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Hello world...
When a print using DoPdf, always get the target path.

It's possible wich the path of the source is take it for DoPdf automatically ?
For example :

1.- in path c:\files\documents open in WORD "file-1", print using DoPdf, show me a window for set the target path. (can DoPdf take for default "c:\files\documents" automatically).
2.- I change to c:\files\sheets open in EXCEL "hoja-1", print using DoPdf.......

Again i must be set the path. If DoPDF take the path from environmet varables, the problem is solved....
Please sorry for so many question...but i am so very practice...
So thanks.

Claudiu (Softland)
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Make sure you are using the latest version, because there's an Always use this folder option that you can check and it will always default to that directory. This option should be shown right on the dialog that asks you where to save the pdf.

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