dwg - upside down text

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dwg - upside down text

Post by stairguy51 »

I am converting a dwg to pdf. The upside down text is being reversed in the process. Are there setting that make this happen?

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Re: dwg - upside down text

Post by StephanPaternotte »

It sounds to me as if the upside-down text (in fonts) is not processed by doPDF as it should have been.
If you are the creator of the DWG (in what program?), you could try and see if you can convert the upside-down text from fonts to vector drawings. Then you'll have a better chance that doPDF is processing the drawing correctly, because there's no longer upside-down text that doPDF failed to turn upside-down. You do however loose the ability to edit the text afterwards, as all has been converted into a contour drawing. So you may want to do the conversion and doPDF-printing and NOT save the original file.

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