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Post by vekotin »

I use latest doPDF 7.3 -version with Windows 7 and now in Chrome, Firefox, IE when I print any web page, doPDF outputs pdf (I use A4 page size) with reduced size content.

So it makes all smaller and outputs pdf file where printed page content use only part of the page size. So content is kinda zoomed smaller and there is huge unused areas in right and bottom of pages. Earlier it didn't do that reducing.

Now, when I copy-paste web page content from any browser, of any webpage to MS Word and print it there with doPDF, it doesn't do that reducing, it outputs same size using whole page if pdf.
With browsers, in doPDF-printing I tried to use in printing settings that scaling setting.

It is by default 100. When I change it to value 150 it outputs content even smaller and when I change it to value 75, it outputs bigger, so right way covering the whole page.

I have checked that the margins settings are ok, so they don't explain that.
Any suggestion, what could cause that problem?

Earlier it worked well.

Claudiu (Softland)
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Post by Claudiu (Softland) »

We tried to print web pages to PDF from 3 different browsers but the result is the same as the page is printed at the original size. Please make sure that the scaling from the web browser is the same as the scaling from doPDF if a custom scaling size is selected from the browser. The doPDF default dpi resolution is 300 and the scale is 100% so if you are printing at a lower value then the scaling might be also changed.

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