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When I email PDFs vis Sage 2011 the recipient gets a blank pdf file and my iphone recieves the winmail.dat file. I run xp pro with office 2007. I can fully view the pdf file prior to email and even if I email it to my self but as soon as it goes to someone else it appears blank. I have updated to PDF X PRO but problem is still there. I have changed the PDF converter driver (for sage) to Adobe driver etc... still same problem. The only work around I have found is to send all emails using plain text formatting but given that this is only a recent issue and all worked well before I would like to find a proper solution. The only thing I havent tried is updating to office 2010 but dont want to shell out another £190 if it doesnt work.

Claudiu (Softland)
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Please try to embed the fonts when you create the PDF file maybe it will solve the issue.
This doesn't seem to have any relation with the doPDF converter so we cannot assist you further unfortunately.
Thank you for understanding.

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