Astaro Security Gateway seems to think the exe is infected

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Post by LewisR »

Has anyone else seen this while trying to download doPDF 6.1.281?:
dopdf.exe is a security risk named W32/FakeAV2008.EJ
Hmmm... I'd like some confirmation that this is indeed a false positive before I try it out.
Lewis Rosenthal, CNA, CLE, CLP

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Post by marjohn »

I haven't seen it, either whilst downloading the dopdf.exe installer, when installing, or when actually using doPDF.
Obviously I can't be 100% certain, but I suspect that it is a false positive.

Claudiu (Softland)
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Post by Claudiu (Softland) »

Lewis, the official dopdf installer is signed (you can go to Properties to see its digital signature), so if the file you downloaded is signed by us it means it's the setup we created and it doesn't contain any viruses and Astaro pulls a false positive. Since we don't use Astaro (we use avg) can anyone else confirm if the dopdf.exe is marked as a virus? In case it is we'll contact them to correct this. Also, I just scanned dopdf.exe using virustotal (online scanning) and out of the 38 antivirus engines in there, none reported any issues.

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