Version 8.0.915 Zoom Level

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Version 8.0.915 Zoom Level

Post by ttupa »

I setup this account to potentially report a bug. Some of our staff are using doPDF to strip out certain pages of a PDF file received via a fax appliance. They print only the pages they need, then import those documents into our medical records system. With version 8.0.915, they are experiencing an issue where the converted document is set at a different zoom level than the source. Even if they print the whole document without stripping pages, the zoom level changes. No setting in Adobe Reader has any effect.

Here are the details:

Windows 7 Pro (32 or 64-bit, happens on both)
doPDF v8.0.915
Adobe Reader 11.0.8

Ensure the default zoom level and page layout are set to "Automatic" in Edit > Preferences > Page Display in Adobe Reader.

Open a multi-page PDF in Adobe Reader
Choose File > Print
Select doPDF v8 as the printer
Click Print
Choose the save destination and name the file, we have it set to "High Quality Images"
Print the document and open it
The Zoom level for the resulting PDF will be set to "Zoom to Page Level"

This change in zoom level causes issues when we import these documents into a system where we cannot manually force a zoom level, so the staff have to click the + or - button to change it in increments for each of these documents.

When I go through the same procedure with version 7.3, the zoom level on the resulting PDF is Fit Width, which it should be. So for temporary resolution, I rolled back doPDF for these users to a known working version. I wanted to post here to see if this is a known issue, and if not, submit it as a possible bug.

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Re: Version 8.0.915 Zoom Level

Post by Claudiu (Softland) »

When printing a pdf document with Adobe Reader some settings are not preserved in the new generated document, like the zoom level when opening. As a printer driver, we do not have access and we do not read the original pdf document, we receive only the printed information, the page content as it would be printed on paper. All interactive features in the original pdf document are lost. doPDF is a tool for converting other type of documents to pdf, we do not recommend to use it for printing pdf files.

As for the specific problem of Zoom level, in doPDF 7 the default zoom level for the pdf files was "Fit Width" meaning the page will be zoomed so the entire page with fills the window. In doPDF 8 the default zoom now is "Fit page" so the whole page is visible in the window. We will change this.

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