Suggested Output Folder different in Vista

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In XP, the first suggested folder to write the PDF through Dopdf is the same folder that the original document came from. This is as advertised and works well for my application. I recently converted to Vista x64 and the behavior is different: The first suggested folder is c:\users\(user name)... I do NOT have the "always use this folder" box checked. If I select a folder and write the pdf, any subsequent PDF writes for the current session goes to the folder I selected. However, If I close the document then reopen it and write a PDF, the suggested folder returns to c:\users\(user name).
Did I miss a setup issue or does Vista x64 behave differently than XP.

I personally really appreciated the suggested folder being the one the document came from.
My Dopdf version is 6.3 build 308

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That's right, on Vista it doesn't suggest the folder where the document was opened from. We'll look into that, but you can use the Always use this folder option to force printing to a specific folder.

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