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Just downloaded doPDF and read instructions for converting JPEG to PDF BUT, I must have missed something.
I'm trying to take a scanned JPEG of a magazine Table of Contents and convert it to a searchable PDF so I can do a search for a particular word. When I open the converted file and search, I get the message nothing was found. What I'm trying is similar to an OCR task.
Any suggestions would be appreciated...even "No dummy, you can't do that!"


Claudiu (Softland)
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Hi Bart,

I'm sorry but that can't be done with doPDF. What you'd need in this case would be a program that does OCR, which would basically get the scanned JPEG and extract the text out of it. You can read more about such programs here and if you have Microsoft Office, then you already have a program to do that recognition.
doPDF creates searchable PDFs only if the original document it converts from is searchable.

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