Uninstalling doPDF Is Incomplete

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Uninstalling doPDF Is Incomplete

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Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64
doPDF 10.0.105 and earlier

I have been using doPDF since at least version 7.3.398. I noticed when I went from version 8.9.951 to version 9.0.217 that the installation seemed to require uninstalling the older version before installing the new version. This only happened when changing a major version (e.g., 8 to 9) but not when changing a minor version (e.g., 9.1.231 to 9.1.232). Thus, when I went from version 9.6.245 to version 10.0.103, I uninstalled the older version before installing the newer version.

Today, I noticed that I had some remnants of prior versions still on my PC. I uninstalled doPDF 10.0.105. Afterwards, I found many folders and files not only for doPDF 10 but also for doPDF 7, doPDF 8, and doPDF 9. I also found many, many Windows registry entries for all of those versions. This is a serious problem in that (1) obsolete files and folders are consuming space on my hard drive and (2) my Windows registry has been growing with obsolete entries. The doPDF uninstaller must remove all of doPDF (and NovaPDF).

NOTE: After spending an hour cleaning up the mess that the doPDF uninstaller left when I removed doPDF 10.0.105 and prior versions, I installed doPDF 10.0.107. I do not know if that latest version has the same problem.

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Re: Uninstalling doPDF Is Incomplete

Post by Claudiu (Softland) »

This issue was solved in v11.

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