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I have a jpeg that I have to make a pdf. I also have a pdn (file from How can I turn them into pdf AND control the size? I need the pdf to be an exact size to send to printer to be cover for a book. thanks, Frank

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Unfortunately you cannot setup a certain size to be imposed for the PDF when converting to it from other file types. doPDF features a small size option, high quality images option and you can setup Graphic resolution and scale from the Printing Preferences window. You can only obtain a size close to your target unfortunately and this by testing multiple prints and case scenarios with the available Graphic features.
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Re: sizing a pdf

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It may vary with your viewing program, but I have faced the same issue and doPDF seems to do a good job of accurate sizing.

In Win7 (and presumably other iterations), to create a PDF of a desired size, you first need to have created a "form" with the desired dimensions as follows:
Start>Devices & Printers> (select but do NOT click on doPDF) >Print Server Properties …Create a new form…
NOTE: In my experience, the dialog box is backwards. Put the desired HEIGHT in the “Width” space and desired WIDTH in the “Height” space. Give it a recognizable name.

When you go to print using doPDF as your "printer," go to Options and scroll to the size you created.

I have taken screen shots of the doPDF options, but can't find a way to attach them. Sorry.

BTW I use FastStone Image Viewer as the starting point.

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