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Post by kagsw1 »

Thanks for the suggestion Kars, but unfortunately this does not help.

My users can already change the file name and path to whatever they want.

But this requires additional typing (or highlighting and pasting in your solution) which is unexpected and error-prone.
I'm trying to find out how DoPDF gets the default file name (currently "Microsoft Visual Basic") to see if there is some way my program can get the expected file name as the default.

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Post by Claudiu (Softland) »

@lensen - kagsw1 is right, your suggestion does not help in his case.

@kagsw1 - sorry, but what you want to do cannot be done with doPDF. We do have a commercial product for developers, nova PDF SDK, and I think would be helpful in your case, not sure if it's worth it for you (if it does and you're interested in it, we can give you a discount towards the displayed price).

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Post by vhorak »

Is there any way to pass file name to doPDF from Visual FoxPro, bypassing the save window?

I use SET PRINTER TO NAME "doPDF v7", this works well.

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Post by Claudiu (Softland) »

Unfortunately you cannot bypass the window with doPDF and set the name automatically.
Thank you.

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Post by bluegroper »

Hi forum.

I'm new to doPDF, having tried some other PDF writers and looking for something better.

When I "print" any document to doPDF, the "SavePDFfile" dialog box opens as expected.

But it seems there's NO field focus within the window ! Tabkey does nothing either.

I cannot enter any filename without first finding a desk rodent and clickety-clacking somewhere in the window.

Is this working as intended ?

How can I configure this useful tool to work simply and swiftly with just a keyboard ?

From almost any application, Alt-File, Print, doPDF, Enter, {Enter Filename}, Enter. Done.

Fast and rodent-less.


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Post by Claudiu (Softland) »

We managed to reproduce this behavior and we will implement a fix within the next releases.
Thank you for pointing this out.

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