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DoPDF creating files with bad permissions that stop new users from logging in

Posted: Mon Jan 09, 2017 1:57 pm
by StephenS
Hi there, I recently installed the latest version of DoPDF on a computer running Windows 7 Professional and when it installed it created files in the Users\Default\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\LiveContent\Managed sub-directories, "Document Themes\1033", "SmartArt Graphics\1033", and, "Word Document Building Blocks\1033". What do these files do? For example, one of the filenames in Document Themes is, "TM01790492[[fn=Sketchbook]].thmx" one of the files in Smart Art Graphics is, "TM01793893[[fn=Tabbed Arc]].glox" and one of the files in Word Document Building Blocks is called, "TM01793058[[fn=Median]].dotx".

Are these files necessary for DoPDF to work, and what function do the files it installs here perform? The issue I am having with them is that the permissions on all of them are set to allow SYSTEM and Administrators full access minus Special Permissions. (They have Full Control, Modify, Read and Execute, Read, Write permissions) That is fine, but because they don't have any permissions for USERS and/or Everyone whenever a new user tries to log into the computer it says that the User Profile Service failed the logon and it will not allow anyone except the administrator to log on. This is caused because when I try to log on with a network account that has not logged into the computer prior to DoPDF installing these files, on the first logon Windows creates a directory in Users with the username and tries to copy everything from the Default user profile into it. Because the permissions on these files only have SYSTEM and Administrators on them, Windows doesn't have permission to copy the files to the user profile and after throwing some event log errors as such, gives the error message and keeps the user from being able to log on.

This is a huge issue for me at the moment, and any help would be appreciated. I can delete the files and it will let new users log on, but I don't know how that will affect DoPDF's functionality; if it will interfere with DoPDF working I would rather not just outright delete them, not to mention that each time anyone has to install DoPDF they will have to delete these files manually as well. Why are they being created and why do they have these bad permissions?