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"Printing" a PDF to Desktop

Posted: Sun Apr 14, 2019 12:34 am
by DERoss
Windows 7
doPDF 10

After updating to doPDF 10.1.111, I tested it by "printing" a Web page. I wanted the result to be saved on my Windows desktop, so I navigated to desktop in the doPDF Open window (which should have been a Save window). However, every time I selected the Open button, the window reverted to Libraries.

This is not a new problem. I noticed it with doPDF 10.0.108 and earlier versions. Also, it is a persistent problem. After forcing the Open window to remain on desktop by changing the file name and successfully "printing" to the desktop, a subsequent use of doPDF again wanted to save the result to Libraries.

Thus, there are two problems that might related:

1. doPDF keeps trying to save PDF files to Library instead of the user's choice of desktop.

2. doPDF appears to be using the Open dialogue in Windows when it should use the Save dialogue.

Re: "Printing" a PDF to Desktop

Posted: Fri Apr 19, 2019 10:17 am
by Claudiu (Softland)
doPDF defaults to saving the PDF file to your Windows' Documents folder, and we tested this here too. As for the Save/Open window, are you referring to the window that shows up when clicking the Browse button to select the destination?

Re: "Printing" a PDF to Desktop

Posted: Fri Apr 19, 2019 2:42 pm
by DERoss
Yes, the Open dialogue is what I get when I want to select the destination.

Defaulting to the Windows' Documents folder is definitely what I do NOT want. I never use that folder. Worse, when I navigate (Browse button) to my desktop, doPDF then defaults to the Libraries folder. That is, I have to change the resulting PDF file name in the dialogue. Otherwise, doPDF will not print to my desktop despite my explicit navigation to it.