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PDF Form conversion results in some gibberish characters

Posted: Fri Apr 25, 2014 7:52 pm
by gregew
Can you tell me what's going on here?

I have a PDF Form, created and edited by at least three people over the years--most recently by me in Acrobat Pro 9--and some folks who are using it and then using doPDF to strip it of its active Form fields function (so the data gets locked in and can't be changed) are reporting a few of the instructions above some of the Form fields convert into gobbledygook. Not all the "instructions," mind you, only some. And, again, not everyone is getting this faulty result, like me--my conversions are fine.

Here's an example:

12. Changes in Organizational Structure oB.422(G)
__ ~+~$::&:l':" &'3ll:&EFI .::.& :..:t ~} [8."1 3' &L$~~, :':''1; }L~ :,:,·f; .L, }}..;Lc.L; }"& C! LUJcC~JUc~LU TO$J. * JI' - C)&L'&IT!L+u'$ ~
corporate form, etc.}
No change.

The "no change" is in the Form field. Part of the instruction for this Form Field is garbage--many of the characters in this example actually show as little square boxes, sometimes overlapping each other.