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Posted: Sun Dec 26, 2010 6:11 am
by Dr Surf
I have written a book with 30 B&W images in it. The manuscript is in Word, with images inserted.

27 of the images are all flattened collages, created in PhotoShop and saved as JPEG at 300ppi.

3 of the images are photos, edited in PhotoShop and saved as JPEG at 300ppi.

I did a test with the first few pages, containing 1 of the "collage" images and 2 of the photos. Since Word won't save at over 200ppi (please let's not debate this, it's not the issue), I re-inserted each image as follows

Click on an image, select Picture Tools>Format>Change Picture. CHOOSE LINK, Click on desired pic. Quick Print directly to doPDF without saving or making any changes.

NOTE: I tried substituting using both Link and Insert to change pix in the doc. Both ways yielded images that, according to PhotoShop, are 661.111ppi. (Fine by me, as long as it's not LESS than 300ppi.)

Both types of images ("collage" and photo") came out the same: well over 300ppi.

I then tried the same thing with the entire manuscript. Trouble! All the "collage" images came out at 300ppi, as did on photo image. Two of the photo images came out at 220ppi.

Tried again. This time, all of the photo images came out at 220ppi. All the "collage" images were again at 300ppi.

Any suggestions as to the cause of the problem are very welcome.

Posted: Sun Dec 26, 2010 11:33 pm
by Dr Surf

Curiouser & curiouser...

I made a couple more tries and never managed to get all the photo images at 220ppi (I did get one of them to 300ppi, then "lost" it again on the next try).

I gave up and decided to send the ms in to Create Space as is, with the 3 photo images at 220ppi,thinking that maybe the 220ppi images would be good enough.

I just got notice that, according to them, the photo images were all okay, but one (just one, out of 27) "collage" image was 220ppi. Even though PhotoShop says that the photo images are all 220ppi and all the collage images are 300ppi.

I ordered the proof copy. This is very odd...

Posted: Tue Jan 04, 2011 1:09 pm
by Claudiu (Softland)
Please send us either an example file with the same issue or the files in question along with the doPDF version and build from the About page to Also please mention the Windows OS you are using.
Thank you.