Where can I get doPDF 5?

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I took over IT Operations at a small business and their home written stuff requires doPDF 5 and no newer version. I need to get a copy of version 5. The website here says 5 is there but when I download and then install, it shows 6.1. Where can I find the official doPDF5?


Claudiu (Softland)
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Hi Brian,
Sorry about that, indeed the link to download version 5 was actually bringing up version 6. It's corrected now, you can download doPDF 5 from http://www.dopdf.com/download.php (bottom of the page).
If you are interested in a more advanced solution for businesses, we have a toolkit for programmers available at http://www.novapdf.com/en/pdf-toolkit.html - if it's something that would work better for you, we can discuss a discount so let us know.
Thank you.

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