Troubleshooting doPDF install/uninstall errors

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Re: Troubleshooting doPDF install/uninstall errors

Post by Sukalyan »

I have been using do pdf for quite a long time. I encountered a new version of do pdf in So i went for uninstalling my previous do pdf first. It hanged at 50% every time I try to uninstall do pdf and was written "UNREGISTERING MODULES". Hours went by but Uninstallation was never complete. At this stage, my previous do pdf stopped working being partly uninstalled. Although the do pdf icon is still shown in Control Panel. Now since I cannot open the do pdf, I downloaded latest version from When I went for installing latest do pdf, it hanged at 62% saying same comment - "UNREGISTERING MODULES". Hours went by without any more installation progress. So neither the uninstallation, nor the installation occurred completely. Not even can I use the latest version of do pdf now. Although both the 2 versions of do pdf icons are visible in control panel. But none of them are installed properly. Now that I cannot use do pdf at all. Can you kindly suggest me what can I do?

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Re: Troubleshooting doPDF install/uninstall errors

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I have had this software for several years and paid for it long ago. I opened up a laptop I haven't used in awhile and Version 8 had documents pending and wasn't working. So I installed version 9. Now it won't work unless I pay again?

Someone please tell me how to fix this. I am not paying for this again.

I am using Windows Version 7 and there is no "print to PDF" option available.


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