"Temporary PDF file could not be saved" error

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"The temporary PDF file could not be saved on the printer server. Contact your administrator for more information".
We've received some similar error reports for users of HP notebooks that have Vista Home Edition installed. Most likely, this is caused by the fact that these notebooks come with slightly different settings.
To solve this, first make sure that you have installed the latest version of doPDF (see if the version mentioned on the main page is what you have installed). If the problem re-occurs in the new version too, try this workaround:

Go to Start->Printers, right-click doPDF v6 and select Properties
Go to the Advanced tab and try one of these 2 solutions (use the first solution and try to print, if it doesn't work use the second solution):

a. Select the option Start printing immediately (instead of the default option Spool print documents so program finishes printing faster) and test to see if the PDF is created; if it's not created, also uncheck the Enable advanced printing features and try again

b. If the above option does not work, select the option Print directly to the printer
Click OK and print a test page to see if it works.

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