Save as PDF from IE loses images

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Save as PDF from IE loses images

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I am dealing with a problem.

I can open a letter in Internet explorer. This letter contains about 12 images. When I try to print the letter I chose DoPDF so it saves as PDF.
Now the problem, when the letter is saved and I try to open it not all images show.
So i tried again. The second time I had the same problem only different images were missing, I tried this 5 times and every time i tried other images were missing.

Also I tried to troubleshoot the proces and came to the conclusion that the problem had to be DoPDF.

Is there a limitation on how large the file can be, or is it another problem?

I would like to use it on Internet Explorer.
If someone knows the solution or an alternative in Internet explorer that would be very nice.

Thanks in advance.


Dennis Claessens

Claudiu (Softland)
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Re: Save as PDF from IE loses images

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Hi, make sure in IE you have the option checked to "Print background images" (click on Print Preview to see the option).

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