Quality and capacity between ver 7 and 8

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Quality and capacity between ver 7 and 8

Postby SevenT » Mon Nov 03, 2014 3:29 pm

Hi all,

In dopdf ver 7, we have 2 option that "high quality" and "smallest file". Both options will make my file to 2 file size 16mb and 1.8mb. They were seen clearly.

But in dopdf ver 8, we have 3 option that "hight quality", "medium" and "smallest file". These options will make 3 file size 16mb, 7mb, and 0.4mb. Both 16mb and 7mb are looked clearly. But the 0.4mb look opaque.

In my comparison, the 1.8 mb look like 7mb. Now i still use version 7 to make it light.

How can i make light file (from 1 to 2 mb) and look easily in ver 8?

Thanks you very much

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