PITA new computer...

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PITA new computer...

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I never had any problem converting OpenOffice .odt to pdf on previous computers. Been trying for around 3 months to get a pdf converter to work on current computer, but have had nothing but aggravation. I've tried every free option I've been able to find (via Google), but none meet my specs- some claim to be free, but then show up with '14-day trial,' while others have all sorts of complications.

Specs: I need the 'convert to pdf' option on .odt to actually work- to have the pdf end up on my desktop, not some other location;
and also to be a basic, neat file that doesn't have all kinds of extra junk on it (like bunches of icons for editing, etc. etc.)

The main reason I need pdf's is for uploading to a self-publishing site.
Occasionally I also need them to email to people as attachments.

If this can be accomplished with doPDF, can you tell me how to avoid unnecessary complications?

Thank you for any assistance.

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Re: PITA new computer...

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You can create PDFs from .odt files with doPDF and you'll be able to choose where to save the file (i.e. Desktop).

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