Needs progress meter; Default filename; PDFs should have searchable text

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[I checked the FAQ first.]
I installed on Windows7 32-bit Home Premium.
When I print a web page (from Chrome v15) and get the Save As PDF dialog from doPDF, it provides the same default filename everytime instead of using the html title. Could you change this?
When I click OK, the dialog disappears immediately but it takes 5+ minutes for a 10 page PDF to be created with no indication that doPDF is doing anything. (That's enough time for me to check the Events dialog to verify it hasn't crashed.) Can you provide a progress meter instead?
After the pdf is created from the web page, the text isn't searchable nor can the text be selected. Can you include this in the PDF so I don't have to use OCR?
If these are features only of a paid virtual printer, I would consider it. NovaPDF's features list doesn't indicate any of the ones I've mentioned.

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I second the wish for a default filename more aware to the title

Claudiu (Softland)
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doPDF uses the "Document name", as it is registered in the print job for the PDF file name. This "document name" is registered by the printing application and it is usually the same as the name of the document that is printed. Chrome uses also the title for the currently opened page for the document name. If you print for instance the default page for "" site, the title of the page as it is seen in the Chroma tab page is "Free PDF Converter - Print to PDF with doPDF" and this is also what Chrome registers as "document name" when it starts the print job. We cannot change this behavior, as a printer driver we only have access to the printed information, not the original web page or file name being printed, which is available only to the printing application.
The print job is handled by the Windows Print Spooler service which manages the printing progress too. If you wish to see the printing status you may open the doPDF printer queue and see if the document is still listed in the queue and which page is currently printed.
Regarding text searching and selection it all depends on the source page to be printed and the browser unfortunately if it allows text selection and searching. For example if you print the doPDF home page with Firefox you will get a searchable/selectable text in the PDF file but if you print the same page in Chrome you will not get the same result.
novaPDF behaves the same regarding the issues you mentioned above.
Thank you.

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