Lines or Smudge line after PDF is saved from Protected PDF

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I am using doPDF to save a copy of my textbooks provided online from my university. The PDF's are password protected so I am unlocking them and then printing them using doPDF so I can have an unlocked PDF that is viewable on my iPad.
Problem I am having is that I get lines or smudge lines on certain parts of the created PDF. Some of them are thick black lines that cover the text and others are lines that block the chapter or section number and title, the lines are always the same color as what it is blocking.
I there a way to prevent this from happening or is it something else? The lines are not there on the original PDF.

Claudiu (Softland)
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Unfortunately doPDF is not optimized in re-converting PDF files so this is why you are getting these issues with the lines. The quality of the PDF drops when this sort of conversion is done.
Thank you for understanding.

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