Having to manually turn on "NovaPDF Server" service

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Having to manually turn on "NovaPDF Server" service

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As the subject implies, when in Windows XP, and I am trying to use this PDF printer with my internet browser(FireFox) to save a web page, I have to manually turn the "NovaPDF Server" service to be able to save the page as a PDF file.

I know that I have to do this because I get a pop up reading 'Cannot read license for printer doPDF 8(error 4380). Please start "novaPDF Server" service (Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services) instead of the usual pop up of where the files will be saved. That and the fact that this function won't work unless I turn the service on manually. It is set to "Automatically". I looked at this service and it does not list any dependencies. I have reloaded it and had it working only to have the same problem after a system reboot.

Is there a service that may contribute to this service working automatically that I may have disabled? I have the required services working to use my regular printer/scanner.

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Re: Having to manually turn on "NovaPDF Server" service

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Unfortunately something is wrong with your installation, as that service starts automatically. Do you have XP with the latest updates (i.e. SP3) installed? Do you also have the latest doPDF version?

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