Excel suddenly not printing all columns

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Excel suddenly not printing all columns

Post by verne »

Great product in the free version --- many thanks !!!

I have been using doPDF for several years and until today, everything worked perfectly. I would open up an Excel spreadsheet, choose PRINT, and get a high quality perfect PDF copy of my spreadsheet.

but today, while the print preview panel in Excel shows the entire sheet, the PDF that is created is missing several columns on the right -- this is a monthly travel report I do and until this month, everything printed A-OK.

I worry that a recent Excel update may be at fault, but not sure how to prove it, or how in general to troubleshoot. I only today noticed that Excel itself has a SAVE-AS pdf option -- that does make a nice PDF :)

Also the competing addon product Bullzip PDF Printer continues to make a perfect PDF output.

thoughts anyone ??

Claudiu (Softland)
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Re: Excel suddenly not printing all columns

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Hi, due to a recent Windows update there were problems saving from Excel. We've fixed that in build 465 (released yesterday) so please install the new build. Thank you for reporting this.
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