DoPdf doesn't prompt for file location in FireFox5 and doesn't print

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I'm attempting to use doPdf (7.3.381) with FireFox 5 to print a web page. Using FireFox's print preview shows that the content looks OK. However when I print the content from FireFox I am not prompted for the location of the .pdf file. Looking at the doPDF v7 print queue shows that the file is spooled and then is in the process of printing. The file never 'prints' resulting in other jobs not printing (stuck behind it in the queue). Using doPdf from IE and other Microsoft application such as Word results in being prompted for the file location, the .pdf file being created and the .pdf file being displayed in Adobe Reader. Any idea what's going on with FireFox? Unfortunately in this situation, I'm stuck using FireFox so suggesting that I use another browser is not an option.

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Please try to update Firefox to the latest version on your computer and give it another go. We have tested this scenario and all the prints were made successfully. Also, certain web content cannot be printed mostly due to permissions so that may also be the cause.

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