doPDF does not appear in the printers list after installation

Post here if you have problems installing or using doPDF.
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Post by walked »

I'm having the same problem with PromoPDF (and now doPDF, too!) . The WBEM appaers to have the correct name (no blanks) and I have copied the framedyn DLL to my windows/system32/wbem folder. I then uninstalled and reinstalled, and still no primoPDF in my Printers List.

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Post by amarnathp »

Did all whatever said...but the printer does not appear :(

Mine is windows 7/32 bit..please help

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Post by fungus »

I had exactly this problem, installed 7.3 build 379 over an earlier version and dopdf was not to be found as a printer.
I used Win 7 to remove the dopdf and installed it again, this time telling it to be the default printer. It worked just fine this way. Next I went to "printers" and changed my default printer back to my normal laser printer.

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Post by tashev2078 »

Hi everybody!

I registered just now, because I'm so happy I managed to solve my problem by following the 4 steps pointed out by Softland.
And I found the solution in the 4th step! Well, it is stunning, but YOU HAVE TO NAME THE PATH TO THE "wbem" FOLDER EXACTLY AS IT IS!!! This means it should be with the EXACT lower or UPPERCASE as the folder is.
My case was like most of the people having the problem - the software stopped showing in the Printers and Faxes and even installed I couldn't find it, so I reinstalled multiple times and manually deleted the above mentioned files, but none of this helped. The solution came in the last step!
Thank you Softland!
Thanks to everybody who have contributed for developing this awesome piece of software!

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Re: doPDF does not appear in the printers list after installation

Post by BrianOnTheBay »

I have Window 7, Home Premium with SP1, and just updated DoPDF. I was bummed to see that DoPDF wasn't listed with the printers.

The FIX was to reinstall DoPDF, CHECK the BOX for it to be the DEFAULT PRINTER.

I wish i tried that first, rather than running through many other iterations to solve the problem. Thanks for the advice.

Now DoPDF works for small files, but is crashing for a larger (60 page) MS Word file. When i tried to use a different printer, all my printers are gone. They came back after a few minutes. Something isn't working rite. I may have to revert to a previous version.

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