doPDF 11.9.347 Install Problem

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doPDF 11.9.347 Install Problem

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Windows 10 22H2 Professional, fully updated with MS security patches

I uninstalled my existing version of doPDF, rebooted the computer, then tried to install version 11.9.347 running as administrator; unfortunately it didn't install.

It only got as far as showing "Initializing...", so after about 10 minutes I stopped it.

I tried again, using the /installLog option on the command line. The install didn't progress, so I stopped it after about 3 minutes.

After following Claudiu's suggestions in his "Troubleshooting installation errors" post, the result was exactly the same.

Do you have any idea what I can try, in order to get it to install?

So that I have something to use I've reinstalled an older version (11.1.181) for the moment, and it's working fine.

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