created a large size pdf file.

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in PC1, I have a 2010 office word document, and I use print option to create a pdf file, and the result is 3M file size. No matter if disabled "embed font" and choose "small file" or not, the size is still 3M. The machine is Chinese window 7, with Norton internet security(don't know it is related or not).
In PC2, I tried the same word file with "doPDF" and the created pdf file size is small. And I tried the online pdf convertor, and the file size is small too. This machine is English windows 7.
Seems like I can't turn on the "small file" function in PC1, any idea?

Claudiu (Softland)
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This probably happens because the fonts installed on the Chinese computer have a Chinese encoding for characters. PDF supports by default only standard Latin encoding, for the other encodings we embed font subsets in the PDF file. We do not have a technical solution to change this behavior.
Thank you.

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