Can't get this to work in XP Pro

Post here if you have problems installing or using doPDF.
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Post by divemaster5734 »

I can open the doPDF program. But after selecting a file to convert(smart draw blueprint)

I get a window to name the file. The file is created but nothing can read it.

Also, I don't have the doPDF as an optional printer.

btw, I do have the paid and registered version of Smart Draw.

Claudiu (Softland)
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Post by Claudiu (Softland) »

Can you please let us know the doPDF version and build that is currently installed on your PC?
Also can you please check the Printers area and let us know if doPDF is visible there along with other printers and devices installed?
Thank you.

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Post by bernardfeltzer »

That is a common problem on XP.

The soulution is to place the dopdf installation program on the desktop.

Double click the icon, let it install, click the restart in the pop up menu.

After it restarts and you are back at your desktop, double click the do pdf installation icon again, let it install again, restart when prompted.

The program will now be installed and do pdf will show up in your printers folder in control panel.
Do I know why you have to do this ?


It works and that was all I cared about.
This procedure is not neccesary on Win7.

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Post by Claudiu (Softland) »

@ bernardfeltzer
We cannot test this behavior if you do not offer information about the doPDF installation you have on your computer from the About page. We are aware of the missing doPDF printer icon in the printers list however this was fixed in one of our previous builds.
Thank you for understanding.

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