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I'm having troubles with ps to pdf file conversion, and it was suggested to me to try to write pdf file directly. I downloaded one document: Document management — Portable document format — Part 1: PDF 1.7 ; but I could not find appropriate example that I might try.

What I want to do is to specify a number of points (in a coordinate system) that are connected by straight lines. The following is the extract from the .ps file that I want to "translate" to pdf:


%%BoundingBox: -3.99739 -2.54239 2.12733 2.10109


-1.10769 -0.250154 moveto

-2.2445 -0.27018 lineto

-1.10769 -0.250154 moveto

0.0392316 -0.285378 lineto

-2.2445 -0.27018 moveto

-2.96227 -1.25275 lineto


Note that I would need a complete example(with appropriate header, body and ending). What I tried is to copy some examples from the above tutorial in a text editor, save the file in a .pdf format, close it, and try to open it with Acrobat. Unfortunately, it reports error.

I would really appreciate your help on this.


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I am afraid we cannot help you in providing any samples. We only offer support directly related to our doPDF application functionality.
Thank you for understanding.

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