Why not support Windows 2000?

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Why not support Windows 2000?

Post by trodas »

I know that this is a bit obsolete system, however on older slower machines it is great to use. I use it and I use even the v7 of doPDF and - it works! :D

The executable can't be started, but all the rest is working well - I mean it printing to the PDF just nicely! :mrgreen: So there is probably need just a very little tweak to make the doPDF work entierly (no idea what heppen when the executable is started) on Win2k ;)

There is my first testing PDF made with printing from Quark XPRESS - even the Czech special characters are there! :!:
Congratuliations! It is working just great.

Claudiu (Softland)
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Re: Why not support Windows 2000?

Post by Claudiu (Softland) »

Yes, it's normal for the printer to work on Windows 2000 as it acts just like a regular printer. We stopped supporting the OS officially because if a bug occurs the amount of time needed to fix it and only for this OS is too high.

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