Vista Windows Photo Gallery

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Vista Windows Photo Gallery

Postby Flummoxed » Mon Apr 28, 2014 4:46 pm

You say you support Vista.

Windows Photo Gallery for Vista cannot be updated. Using doPDF, I cannot access the photogallery and I am given no option to turn text into PDF.

Why are you telling people you can do things when you obviously can't?

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Re: Vista Windows Photo Gallery

Postby StephanPaternotte » Tue Apr 29, 2014 5:08 am

I don't quite understand your issue. I don't have Windows Vista available to me, but I do have Windows Photo Gallery (from the Windows Essentials package) installed on my W8 machines and - after a bit of searchig I've found doPDF providing support.

Windows Photo Gallery is aimed at displaying and to some extend modifying images, photo's on your PC. The only way doPDF would come into play here, is when you've opened a particular image and press CTRL-P in order to print it. Then the doPDF printer should become visisble as one of the available printers and you should be able to turn the image into a PDF. It's a bit of a detour really. There are more straight forward ways to turn images into PDF.

Forgive for saying this, but maybe you don't have a proper understanding of doPDF's purpose. doPDF is a software printer driver that allows you to to 'print' any given document - from its own associated program - to a PDF file. After installation, you can find doPDF when you've issued a Print command from within another program. It's one of your printers.

(Now, if there really IS an issue with support for Windows Vista, then there's a chance that you may take offense at my explanation here above. Apologies, no offense intended.)

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