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Postby anon » Sun Jul 13, 2008 10:14 am

my brochure, MS Publisher, contains three fonts but when I convert to a pdf the Univers font does not convert. I've tried both TrueType and PostScript Univers fonts. Any suggestions how to solve or why this is happening? Thanks-

Claudiu (Softland)
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Postby Claudiu (Softland) » Mon Jul 14, 2008 9:55 am

It doesn't convert the font at all (meaning no text is shown) or it does convert the text but switches to a different font?

If it doesn't show text at all for that Univers font, please send your publisher file (or at least one page that has this problem) to info[at]dopdf[dot]com.

Claudiu (Softland)
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Postby Claudiu (Softland) » Tue Jul 15, 2008 10:24 am

Thank you for the files. I don't know what happens, I have converted the file you sent me and there were no problems in converting your publisher file to PDF with doPDF (the Univers fonts get converted and are shown). The only difference I see is you're using version 6.1.265 and I'm using 6.1.267, so you might want to try installing the new version from here

Also I'm using Publisher 2003, though I don't think the version could make a difference.

Anyway, try printing from the new version and if it doesn't work either I don't know how I could help, so you might want to consider using another font instead of Univers.

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