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Soft112 Download Link

Post by Sicknero »

I came here today to check for an update, having been a user and fan of DoPDF for several years now.

However, I see that your download link now goes to a site called Soft112 which gets an orange rating from WoT. I downloaded and installed anyway, as I'm reasonably confident of your program and of my own IT capabilties but, I just wondered if you were aware of this?

Not only will an orange light from WoT put many people off downloading your program, but it also means that your program might not even be recommended on some freeware sites/forums which is a real shame as I recommend it to anyone looking for a PDF printer/converter.

Claudiu (Softland)
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Re: Soft112 Download Link

Post by Claudiu (Softland) »

We link by default to Soft112 as this is an website developed and maintained by us too. We are aware on the orange rating from WoT, however we try not to influence that rating and leave that to evolve dynamically - the nature of the website attracts the mixed ratings and it doesn't affect the downloads of doPDF (from our own statistics).

However there are other mirrors available, so if you want you can download doPDF from a different source (i.e. FileForum) via

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