Saving a PDF File in Wrong Folder

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Saving a PDF File in Wrong Folder

Postby DERoss » Sun Sep 29, 2019 11:42 pm

Windows 7
doPDF 10.3.116

Having requested doPDF to create a PDF file and selected Browse, the default path is C:\Users\xxx\Documents\, where "xxx" is my Windows user ID. In the "doPDF 10 - Save PDF file" dialogue, I navigate to Desktop (or any other location). Since the indicated name for the PDF file is already appropriate, I select Open. The destination reverts to Libraries. I DO NOT want to place the PDF file in any library folder. The only way I can get doPDF to place the PDF file where I want it is to change the name of the file, even by only a single character.

This is a serious error. If a user does not notice that the path for saving the PDF file has changed from what the user specified, it can result in a loss of the file. At the least, it requires the user to search for the file and manually move it to the desired location. If the user does notice the change, then the workaround is to change the name of the PDF file; after the file has been saved, the user must then manually change the name of the file back to what it should be.

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