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software doPDF6 to convert to PDF (JPG for example to PDF) is easy and very fast...I am very satisfied.
Does the opposite exist "convert PDF to JPEG"...I need it to work on a n architecture program.

Claudiu (Softland)
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Hi, dopdf cannot convert PDF to JPEG. However, there's a way you can take screenshots from the PDF by using Adobe Reader:

- Open the PDF, go to Tools > Select & Zoom and click on Snapshot tool

- Click anywhere in the page to capture the entire content displayed on the screen or click and drag a rectangle around the section you want converted to an image

- The selected section is copied in your clipboard when you release the mouse

- Open MS Paint (or another image editor) and choose Edit > Paste to paste the copied selection directly into the target document.
That should be it to convert PDF to JPG. Of course for larger PDF documents it's not that easy to do this.

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