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I've just installed doPDF. Cool. Fast, and converts what Adobe can't do (like a 100MB Word)
The things I would like to point out is that the PDF from Adobe (after splitting the DOC and creating split PDFs and joining) is 4MB in size. doPDF does a >30MB file with 300 DPI and 14MB with 72 DPI. Both files have really hard JPEG compression.
It would be cool if the images can be compressed in PNG (or if PDF doesn't allow that) in some other format (GIFlike?) or JPEG whatever is smaller or preserves the quality better.
Compressing a "screenshot" for example is lossless with PNG and smaller than with JPEG but an outdoor picture is smaller with JPEG and maybe has non-perceptible loss.
The other awful thing is that the watermark ("Draft" 60 degrees angle) on the document I've compressed seems to be saved as a picture, and might take some space.

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Hi, regarding the size of the PDF, try unchecking the option "Embed fonts" when saving the PDF. If you already have done that, make sure the images are resized before you place them in your document as detailed http://www.dopdf.com/forum/topic/keeping-file-size-down
This should result in a lower size pdf.

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