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Post by asathatsme »

Hi folks,
I like the basic functions that Your doPDF offers very much, small and neat, except for one little thing.
Is it deliberate that if I open f.ex. an XLS file from ....\My Documents\Work\Stuff and try to print it to a PDF, the save path in the dialog will default to ....\My Documents and not to ....\My Documents\Work\Stuff which I would see as a logical (default) choice.
I also tried the "Always use this folder" option. It appeared to function more like "Remember the last used path", because if I decide to change the "stickied path" with Browse function, it will change it. Maybe a way to browse new paths without changing the sticky path (unless really wanted)?
I hope You don't take these questions and proposals in a wrong way; I will be still using Your great tool. Thank You very much.

Claudiu (Softland)
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Post by Claudiu (Softland) »

Hi, thank you for the feedback. The "Always use this folder" when checked should default to that specific path each time you are printing a file - of course that if you use the Browse option and chose another path, that will be used until you decide to change it again. We will not change this behavior because it's intended to work this way, however we'll consider adding either a "sticky path" option as you called it, or more save options.
As for the example you gave regarding the default suggested path you are correct, we'll look into adding that type of behavior.

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Post by lensen »

I agree with Asathatsme. It would be nice if once the path of the folder can be introduced where the pdf files should be.

In the input field (textbox) is then just the file name to stand (short input field!), which can be quickly changed or adjusted.

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