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I've noticed that the pdf files produced by doPDF are larger than those produced by Adobe Acrobat. For example, a form filled in using Adobe Reader and then printed using the doPDF printer is twice the size of the one printed using the Adobe printer driver (72kb vs 36kb). I tried adjusting the graphic resolution downwards in the doPDF printer preferences, first from the default 300 to 150 (file size went to 59kb) and then down to 72 (file size stayed at 59kb). The image produced in both isn't as good as the Adobe printed pdf.
While these differences are small, I deal with hundreds of pdf's that get attached to a database and it can add up over time. Is there an explanation for the difference and/or anything I can do about it?

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doPDF handles text compression very well, a text only document converted to a PDF will be comparable in size with the output from Adobe Acrobat (if not smaller), but the image compression algorithm is not as powerful as Adobe's. Plus, you're printing to pdf a form filled with Adobe Reader, so the integration between Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat it's normal to be better than that between Adobe and doPDF.
So there's not much you can do if you already tried changing the resolution and the filesize was the same.

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