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Post by Candu »

I am very impressed with doPDF. I am adept at Excel & VBA macros but can't figure out if/how I can pre-populate the PDF filename in the pop-up box. Is this possible?
I am changing the printer to doPDF then running:
Sheets(Array("sheet1", "sheet4", "sheet6")).Select

ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.PrintOut copies:=1, Collate:=True
This works fine but I'd like to populate the name field.

Claudiu (Softland)
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Post by Claudiu (Softland) »

Sorry but not from the code directly. Normally another parameter should set the name automatically, prtofilename:="c:\test.pdf", but since that also requires to set a path it's not supported (it would mean bypassing the save as window).
However, note that doPDF always prints the pdf with a filename that's actually the name of the opened workbook, so you'll simply have to name your workbook the way you want it shown in the PDF.

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